Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Solar observation again (20061226)

Spaceweather shows two sunspots 931 and 932, but my ranger failed to show them up with a 13mm nagler/2x barlows. They could be too small. H-alpha shows two or three active regions in which two of them should be 931/932, but they don't look like sunspot at all.

On careful observation during better transparency, 931/932 did show up, but they're very tiny. Here's a very bad white light shot, at 5x, very poor quality:

Tried to do mosaic again, see if I have any luck this time. Transparency is no good so that even with 2x barlows only, 1/30s with medium gain has to be used for surface detail. I toook only ~300 frames for each clip, to enhance the chance of success. Should find a way to ensure even brightness/contrast, taken during 1502-1514, over 30 frames stitched together:-





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