Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Short lunar observation again

20060510 2251-2301

Did a very short lunar observation last night, transparency was superb in Hong Kong standard, seeing sucks however since cloud are moving very fast, but I believe it's of low frequency type.

High frequency seeing would be bad for high resolution imaging, however, low frequency seeing would be bad since they would distort shape of the features. Anyway.

Equipment was LXD55 roughly aligned without anything (just gut feeling), Sky90 with 5x Powermate, DMK 31AF03.

Some notes for future reference: I can use the EQ mount inside home for the moon during these days, just a matter of timing, just put the motor compartment out of the way in order to steal more time before forcing meridian flip. Also, I noticed that the Jupiter would be also in the way around 1:00a, so time to be prepared. If the EQ mount is placed on the floor, even the C8 could be used, let me check it out. DMK camera fell to 10 fps last night, and I soon discover that since the shutter speed is 1/16s and thus impossible to get 30 fps. At last, I changed it to 1/32s and adjust the gain a bit higher and then 30 fps again.

Photographs below, I believe that they are either a bit out of focus, or large scale seeing vary so much such that part of the image is in focus and another part is blurred:

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