Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Penumbral eclipse

I watched until 5:57a until the moon was totally blocked/eclipsed by a nearby building.

Didn't notice anything special about the moon, since it's not yet in the deep part of the preumbra... but no choice, that's the best I can do inside my home.

The Borg 45ED is very great optically, better than my Ranger I should say, no chromatic abberation can be seen at all... I spent the time at my eyepiece (20mm widescan) for the last few minutes...tack sharp!

It can also capture the full moon disc with the toucam pro, why I was using it was because my 1394 cable is too short, but the coming hubs should solve the problem altogether.

some more frames to be processed, remotely tomorrow, hopefully.

some more test shots were made by the 75mm fujinon prime lens as well, a very good night...

as a new camera/scope testing night.

Some results:

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