Thursday, April 07, 2005

Short Jupiter observation

Jupiter comes into my view during mid-night, but I can only observe with with my Ranger. If I am to use the C8, I will have to wait it to sink lower which is not so favorable. Taken two images, one with a IR block and one without. Processing pending for the one without IR-block. Seeing no good, only those standard detail available.

Also had a look on Saturn by using the Unistar Light plus Ranger, since even with the TGSP II, I won't be able to point to it. So, it's a goodbye to Saturn for imaging at home.

Seems like it's a BIG hindrance for me to continue my home imaging except the sun and the moon.

Possible solution is to find a shorter tripod, or to find an alternative way to motorize my Giro mount again, but I dare not to do it all over again. Or maybe buy a smaller OTA? Or just get a small fork mounted computerized scope so that I can push it out from the window?

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