Sunday, March 06, 2005

6 March 2005

First time observe in Pak Tam Chung, quite convenient in terms of transportation. Mong Kok (Yai Ma Tei, MTR first) to Sai Kung Minibus is $13 dollar, very fast and then Minibus 9 to go to Pak Tam Chung. On the way back is even faster, since the minibus even close closer to my home... next time should get off by that one and get on a no 70 which will be very near my home.

That place was not very dark, but dark enough to be enjoyable.

Not very cool, but quite a lot of people there, noisy.

Short summary of targets that I hunted and observed: M36, M37, M38, M35, M1, M45, M42, M44, M67, M41, M79, M93 , M46, M47, M50, M48... :)

Seeing no good, since I couldn't even see cassini division despite saturn is quite high... stars are fuzzy patches of light...

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